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International Ideas Competition to encourage the preservation of natural resources.

Centro Ecoturistico
Centro Ecoturistico

1er Lugar

Ciudad de México. México

  • Luis Farfán
  • Alejandro Chávez Delgado

Urban Resuscitator

The Zahuapan river functions as the backbone of the city of Tlaxcala, currently it is not maintained in adequate sanitary conditions, which in the future is a serious health problem for the entire city; for this reason the proposal is based on a cleaning system generated by architectural volumes.

Each of the buildings in the master plan is a piece that belongs to the complete mechanism of cleaning and purification of water, through the channels it enters, once inside the channels it is naturally cleaned with lilies, later the buildings that make up the project work as cleaning pipes leading the treated water back to the river.

Thanks to the fact that the project is an independent mechanism, it is intended to install it along different points in the entire length of the Zahuapan River, repeating it over and over again on unused or wasted land; in this way the process of cleaning the entire river is noticeably accelerated and new urban spaces are born as the river passes.

Centro Ecoturistico
Centro Ecoturistico

2do Lugar

Coruña, España

  • Antonio Armesto Abelaira
  • Ana Ma. Cabo Jiménez
  • Iria Cid Mascareñas
  • Daniel Lendorio F.

"A place is a place to a linked environment"

In the project there is an ecological reflection that starts from the Zahuapan River, an ecological cycle is created in the water purification plot, which will in turn serve to acclimatize the building.

The contaminated river enters the plot, where the purification process begins through a natural filtering of stones and plants with a system flooded with communicating vessels, which regenerate the water in ponds, thus creating the new topography. The water enters already filtered and purified in the lower part of the building (the greenhouse), generating a micro evaporation that will later serve for its operation. The river cycle ends on the plot, leaving the greenhouse and returning recycled to the natural channel.

A new landscape dimension is created, we transform the worn landscape into a place closer to the natural than to the urban, thus creating a new topography on the plot. An easily recognizable territory for the individual within the society of Tlaxcala.

Centro Ecoturistico
Centro Ecoturistico

1ra Mención

Edo de México, México

  • Shamed N. Austria Cruz
  • Karla A. Santana C.
  • Manuel A. Heredia M.
  • Lucía Ezeta López
Centro Ecoturistico
Centro Ecoturistico

2da Mención

Córdoba, Argentina

  • Natalia Andrea Redolfi
  • Natalia Inés Casanova
  • Romina Paola Camisasso
Centro Ecoturistico

3ra Mención

Puebla. México

  • Eduardo Audirac Flores
  • Uziel Marrufo Fernández
  • Rodrigo Martínez Campos
  • Jairo Nimrod Martínez M.
  • Rafael Ojeda Núñez


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