International Ideas Competition to encourage the preservation of natural resources.

Concursos AG360
Concursos AG360

1er Lugar

Milano, Italia

  • Salvatori Centoni
  • Nadia Centoni
  • Caterina Folie
  • Matteo Piano


A clean and transparent geometry merges with the Balandra landscape, with a minimal intervention that allows us to "capture the moment" within an abstract threshold, framing the images of a changing landscape in its natural environment.

The Sea Micro Hotel takes as its starting point the 100% contemplation of the beach and the natural resources of the area, with a careful and minimally invasive intervention, maintaining a geometric shape that simulates the activity of camping, very common in the region, but with an architectural and aesthetic contribution that attracts even more international tourism.

The project takes special care in handling volumes, proportions and views of the environment, which represents a minimum impact to maintain the flora and mangroves in the area and thus promote cleaning and maintenance.

Concursos AG360
Concursos AG360

1ra Mención

Madrid, España

  • Javier Martínez Rodríguez
  • Erik Detisov Ringuer
  • Arik Detisov Ringuer
Concursos AG360
Concursos AG360

2da Mención

Hermosillo, México

  • Ana M. Pérez Romero
  • Ramón L. López Yanez
Concursos AG360
Concursos AG360

3ra Mención

Ciudad de México, México

  • Germán Sandoval
  • Kesia Devallentier
Concursos AG360
Concursos AG360

3ra Mención

Bogotá, México

  • Johan Camilo Romero
  • Ana Belén Real
  • Juan David Basto


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concursos ag360