1.- Can we participate if we are students of Architecture who speak different from Spanish?

R= Yes, you can participate as long as the delivery of the sheets is in Spanish.

2.- If I don't have a credit card, can I make the payment through Western Union?

R=For cash payments you can use Mercado Pago, if your country does not have this platform, it can be done through Western Union, write to registro@concursosag360.com to give you the money transfer data.

3.- Is it possible to make the payment in local currency to avoid currency exchange fees?

R= If possible, through a Stripe link. The currency exchange of the currency of your country will be taken at the time of the request, if you need it, write to registro@concursosag360.com.

4.- How can I find images of the site?

R= The images of the site are obtained through the location uploaded in Google Earth, there you can see real images from the street and some very real approximations from the beach.

5.- How many m2 should the areas of each part of the program have?

R= Each participant will decide the areas of each element of the program at their discretion and the conceptual proposal they want to present.

6.- Can areas be added to the program, such as a store?

R= Yes, as long as they are secondary elements, and the main ones are maintained.

7.- Will additional information be sent for the project, such as the Topographic Plan?

R= No, being a conceptual project it is not necessary. With the levels marked in the SITE PLAN and the topography marked in the Google Earth location, it is enough. There are programs that can extract the contours of Google Earth, in case any participant considers it.

8.- Are there regulations applicable to the project, such as urban parameters or national regulations to follow?

R= In addition to the provisions of the Bases, the only parameter that is added is what is marked in the CAD file. There is a building restriction 10m. towards the street and 10m. towards the road, there can only be landscaping.

9.- It is mentioned that no element will be able to invade the beach, except the raised pier, is this correct?

R= It is correct, only the pier can invade the beach, pedestrian corridors can be created.

10.- Is there a specific number of exhibition spaces and event rooms, or is it left to discretion?

R= All areas of the proposed spaces are at the discretion of the participant.