1.- Can we participate if we are students of Architecture who speak different from Spanish?

R= Yes, you can participate as long as the delivery of the sheets is in Spanish.

2.- If I don't have a credit card, can I make the payment through Western Union?

R=For cash payments you can use Mercado Pago, if your country does not have this platform, it can be done through Western Union, write to registro@concursosag360.com to give you the money transfer data.

3.- Is it possible to make the payment in local currency to avoid currency exchange fees?

R= If possible, through a Stripe link. The currency exchange of the currency of your country will be taken at the time of the request, if you need it, write to registro@concursosag360.com.

4.- Should the eight units, even having the same program, be exactly the same or can they have modifications?

R= The 8 units must be the same prototype, however they may have slight modifications in the design, if this suits the aesthetics of the set.

5.- Is it mandatory that they have a ground floor and first level or can we propose the typology only on the ground floor?

R= It is not mandatory that it have 1, 2 or 3 floors. If your proposal works on the ground floor, it is correct.

6.- Should the units be designed as independent elements or can several of them be grouped in the same block?

R= They must be independent elements, but could be linked with bridges or corridors.

7.- Is the 120 m2 for each unit or is it the sum of all 8 units? Likewise, is there an approximate (or maximum) capacity for each unit or is this a criterion for the contestants.?

R= The 120 m2 are for each unit and there is no maximum capacity of people per unit, the proposed capacity is at the discretion of each participant.

8.- Are the amenities such as the pool, disco/bar, and yoga space independent for each unit or a single area for the entire complex?

R= The amenities section involves shared spaces within the complex. All units must have access to it.

9.- Are the 120 m2 per unit the Complete Accommodation Unit or just the construction area?

R= The 120 m2 are only covered built area, platform, balconies, roof do not add to the footage.

10.- Is there construction margin in the perimeter for this property in Holbox?

R= No, in this case 100% of the property can be used. The limitation is only the footage per unit.

11.- In relation to the point where it is detailed that the conception of the project is adapted to smart house characteristics, what do you mean?

R= The idea is to ensure that the inhabitant can have access to all services in a very efficient and environmentally friendly way, eliminating administrative and maintenance staff as much as possible. 100% connectivity.