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Concursos AG360
Concursos AG360

1st Place

Beijing, CHINA

  • Feng Xin
  • Lu Guancen
  • Jeff Wu


An arch in the permanent snowy landscape, it emerges from the earth as a single iconic element, like a great threshold that gives rise to the Thermal Water Pool, delighting in the incredible views of the Swiss Alps.

More than a rest space, it becomes a sculptural space in the middle of the road, which breaks through the mountains and becomes a unique and enveloping experience without physical limitations, creating the sensation of an infinite Mountain Spa.

The new Mountain Spa will become a landmark of light on the road that defies the law of gravity due to its shape. The circle, as a self-supporting structural element, avoids the placement of columns, through a single support that in turn becomes the unique vertical access that connects and communicates all levels and activities of the project.

The inclined body becomes an enveloping experience, where the interior is completely linked to the exterior by its views, as if you were always in contact with nature, feeling in the same space at any level. You can enjoy a traditional massage session with the best views of the Alps and make the experience totally radical.

Concursos AG360
Concursos AG360

1st Mention

Edo. de México, MÉXICO

  • Leonardo D. Prot Kanter
  • Rodrido A. Fernández M.
Concursos AG360
Concursos AG360

2nd Mention

Limassol, CYPRUS

  • Thanos Panaretou
Concursos AG360
Concursos AG360

3rd Mention


  • Thea Barth
Concursos AG360
Concursos AG360

3rd Mention


  • Lazlo Rozsas
  • Anna Rozsas


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