International Ideas Competition to encourage the preservation of natural resources.

Concursos AG360
Concursos AG360

1er Lugar

Orlando, Florida, US

  • Grecia Medrano Rojas
  • Amai Mancera Téllez
  • Lacey Singletary

The Sustainable Box

The Lifeguard Tower was born with the idea of being able to create an adaptable prototype with the ability to open and close by itself, and thus protect itself or maintain 360 ° visibility in the established environment.

A conformation between a metallic structure and a wooden covering, makes the “sustainable box” present movable panels on all its faces and levels, providing the adaptability to camouflage itself in the environment.

In the same way, its nature makes it possible to create infinity of volumes with the same prototype, creating a plastic and varied language in a single element.

The Sustainable Fund was designed in form and function for continuous surveillance and occasional protection, assuming the role of reference point of the main visiting areas of large and regular tourist cities.

His personal aesthetic is adaptable to any region and country due to its timeless character and its relationship with wood as a noble and self-sustainable material by nature.

In beaches, parks and squares, the Lifeguard Tower will add with its architectural figure to increase the aesthetic value of its surroundings.

Concursos AG360
Concursos AG360

1ra Mención

Udine, Italy

  • Ambra Pecile
  • Gabriel Pedro Sottile
  • Gaston Emilio Budin
  • Linda Roveredo
Concursos AG360
Concursos AG360

2da Mención

Cardiff, Gales (UK)

  • Swati Meenakshi Sunder
  • Stephanie Adamou
  • Nilesh Pawar
Concursos AG360
Concursos AG360

3ra Mención

Guatemala, Guatemala

  • Rodrigo Gálvez Morales
  • Estefania Miralles Arango
Green Coliving Center
Green Coliving Center

3ra Mención

Ciudad de México, México

  • Carlos I. Espejel Velázquez
  • Pablo Ruiz Cárdenas

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concursos ag360