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Hotel Zen Lighthouse
Hotel Zen Lighthouse

1er Lugar

Santiago. Chile

  • Vicente Salas Arreola
  • Israel Álvarez Flores

A Natural Pond

A cylindrical inlay in the ground functions as a cavity for the thermal water pool, a fundamental part of the design of our Spa. The movement produced by the different levels of the cylindrical figure give play to the views that are generated throughout its circumference.

A 360 ° view of both the lake and the wooded area of Valle de Bravo is achieved, creating an unparalleled relationship between the interior and exterior of the Hotel Zen Lighthose. Living the space from the inside out and from the outside in as oneself.

Mysticism, grandeur and the care of proportions are essential concepts in design.

Integration with the environment. Geometric elements almost in their minimum expression, are conjugated in a radial way with some accents to emphasize paths and activities, they give shape to the project of the Hotel Zen Lighthouse.

The design primarily emphasizes the direct and visual link of the cylindrical volume of the Hotel - Spa with the Valle de Bravo Lake. A dock is created with direct pedestrian passage from the pool to the departure of the ships, in the same way it works as a bridge to allow the vehicular flow of the existing road. A disruptive element that rises to the side and gives rise to the lighthouse and viewpoint in the main part with the best views of the property.

Hotel Zen Lighthouse
Hotel Zen Lighthouse

2do Lugar

Córdoba, Argentina

  • Bruno Sileoni
  • Jesica Grötter
  • Catriel Yavé Del Valle
  • Franco José Ferrari
  • Lautaro Giuggia M.

Habitable Sculpture

The genesis of the proposal is based on the concept of "Habitable Sculpture", in response to the multiple premises that emerge.

Based on the predominantly vertical type of lighthouse and the contrast with the predominantly horizontal type of dock, it was decided to link these two options with those of the spa and hotel that, having greater morphological flexibility, are joined in a single uniform piece that multiplies the impact on the environment, giving prominence to the final piece.

The program responds to the requirements by solving the dock in the lake, together with the spa that is arranged as a horizontal bar with integral opening to the views of the water, using as preponderant elements in the search for relaxation. At the opposite end of the pier, the Spa bar joins a tower that contains the entire hotel, using the vertical circulation core to reach the height of the lighthouse / viewpoint with direct access to the different floors of the hotel.

Hotel Zen Lighthouse
Hotel Zen Lighthouse

1ra Mención

Ciudad de México, México

  • Alan U. Hernández Hansen
  • Raúl Gómez Iturribarria
  • Emilio Padilla Villanueva
Hotel Zen Lighthouse
Hotel Zen Lighthouse

2da Mención

Ciudad de México, México

  • Mariana Santamaria L.
  • Emilia Alatorre Seidel
  • Mariana Neri Bravo
  • Korzekwa Malgorzata
Hotel Zen Lighthouse
Hotel Zen Lighthouse

3ra Mención

Encarnación. Paraguay

  • Gabriel Yamamoto

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