International Ideas Competition to encourage the preservation of natural resources.

Green Coliving Center
Green Coliving Center

1er Lugar

Puebla. México

  • René Plascencia Guiati
  • Yadira Cervantes Ortega

Premium cubes. Interior Green

The project consists of 7 levels, where on the ground floor are shared spaces such as: dining room, kitchen, work studios, reception and nursery; “Loft cubes” were created randomly, semi-private spaces for internal coexistence. The Cubes represented on the double height façade give the feeling of elegance and high status, adjectives that we believe the inhabitants of the Coliving Center will seek.

The project concept starts from an interior garden scheme, where all the apartments have the experience of "living green", an attraction without equal in Mexico City.

Vehicle access is made in the vicinity by means of a ramp that takes you to the parking lot in the basement. This gap in the voluntary allows us to have 3 exterior and 3 interior facades, which benefits us in natural lighting and ventilation.

The adaptability in the growth options is a very important characteristic in the design, since it can be grown both vertically and horizontally, as the family requires it.

Green Coliving Center
Green Coliving Center

2do Lugar

Madrid. España

  • Santiago Reinhardt
  • Szu Ying Lu

Green heart

The project is the result of a search for sustainable solutions with a more efficient management of resources. The green heart organizes the building mass in "L" and is also a space for coexistence between residents and that connects with the city and the neighborhood.

The ground floor communicates with the city and the community life (patio) and activities area. The first 3 floors house two types of double or single rooms, also randomly placed…

Through the expansion of its residents, an impulse towards community life will be achieved in an effort to change society and isolation, sharing the spaces of habitat, work, learning and leisure. Providing solutions towards a more sustainable urban life.

Green Coliving Center
Green Coliving Center

1ra Mención

Córdoba. Argentina

  • Franco Gramaglia
  • Santiago Rustan
Green Coliving Center
Green Coliving Center

2da Mención

Bogotá. Colombia

  • Javier Logreira
  • Paola Granados
  • Karen Bedoya
  • Carolina Plaza
  • Natalia Ruiz
Green Coliving Center
Green Coliving Center

3ra Mención

Encarnación. Paraguay

  • Gabriel Yamamoto

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