International Ideas Competition to encourage the preservation of natural resources.

concursos ag360
concursos ag360

1er Lugar

Valencia, España

  • Yuly Andrea Gallo Villena
  • Merari Tovar Pena
  • Sonia C. Mayer Reyes
  • Christian Cruz Luna


As a sculptural element, on a cylindrical base formed by segmented panels of curved and concave shape, resembling “SEA CANDLES”, they give shape to the Floating House.

It is complemented by a large perimeter terrace, such as sundecks, with slopes and interior and exterior bodies of water, which always open to the beautiful natural landscape. They are conjugated in oneself. The multi-perforated panels provide shelter and privacy, without ever leaving the delight of the natural environment, conforming to the distinctive architectural element of the project.

A combination of solid and translucent elements within a circular platform, provide the palafito with 360 ° views, which makes it adaptable to any orientation. The overhead light through the dome and the perimeter lighting, allow to control the temperature and interior lighting, in addition to the enjoyment of the night landscape.

The set of 10 units is achieved based on piers and corridors on an outdated circular platform with direct link from the beach, allowing the creation of different perspectives with the same language. A micro environmental and social environment is created in the center of the complex, forming a large natural pool at the foot of a multi-use platform for yoga, fire pit, reading or another point of contemplation.

The project emphasizes at all times the framing of the natural environment and its self-sustaining response to it. Prioritize views and spatial quality with iconic, eco-friendly architecture.

concursos ag360
concursos ag360

1ra Mención

Ciudad de México, México

  • Alejandra Martínez R.
  • José Angel Durán Xolot
concursos ag360
concursos ag360

2da Mención

Shenyang, China

  • Lin Chen
  • Haiming Pang
  • Zehui Wang
  • Ruiming Zhang
concursos ag360

3ra Mención

Bogotá, Colombia

  • Juan Felipe Pinto Lara
  • Julian Olaya Rojas
  • Camilo Rodríguez Monroy
concursos ag360
concursos ag360

3ra Mención

Jiangxi, China

  • Hao Suen
  • Ding Wang
  • Mingxuan Wu
  • Xinyuan Gao
  • Shuqi Cai


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concursos ag360