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International Ideas Competition to encourage the preservation of natural resources.

Hotel Zen Lighthouse
Hotel Zen Lighthouse

1er Lugar

Durango, México

  • Esdras Alvarez Arreola
  • Claudia P. Dávila Martínez
  • Gibran A. Pérez Favela
  • Roberto D. Medina D.


The variables of the project to consider were: Crater - Destination, Mountain - Views, Mountaineer - Security. On this, a concept was generated that unified the design under the same idea and gave it a spatial and aesthetic identity.

The project is generated from a stone road that allows us to frame the valley through the remembrance of a crater through a depression in the center of the different entrances to the areas of the hostel, with the intention that, on the day it is imposing and mysterious and at night a show full of life through the light as if the magma of a volcano appears, drawing a luminous guide for the climbers of the Nevado.

Landscape integration: The generated volumes are covered by endemic vegetation integrating the mountain, only some openings and corridors stand out from nature.

Hotel Zen Lighthouse
Hotel Zen Lighthouse

1ra Mención

Santiago, Chile

  • Felipe Barrera Vega
  • Felipe Oporto Uribe
  • Benjamin Vázquez
  • Juan Ignacio Beltrán
  • Gabriel Aguirre
Hotel Zen Lighthouse
Hotel Zen Lighthouse

2da Mención

Ciudad de México, México

  • Andrea Shari López Nieto
  • José Francisco Pérez S.
  • José María Zavala Archell
Hotel Zen Lighthouse
Hotel Zen Lighthouse

3ra Mención

Tulum, México

  • Gonzalo Nicolau

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